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This Privacy Statement describes how P-Travel Assist collects, uses and discloses certain personal information obtained through our publicly accessible website at www.p-travelassist.com. This Privacy Statement does not affect the collection of information through other sources, such as personal encounters and recommendations.

Collection and Use of Information

In general, you can visit P-Travel Assist websites while remaining anonymous. However, at times P-Travel Assist may require you to provide personal information such as your name, company, email address, telephone number and address ("Personal Information"). The purpose of requesting specific information may be to interact with you, correspondence and/or contacts, to fulfil your requests, or to provide you with a subscription to a newsletter or publication or notification of events. Where appropriate, we will distinguish between Personal Information fields that are optional and those that are mandatory for the information requested.

By providing consent for P-Travel Assist to share your personal data such as your name, address, email address and telephone number with P-Travel Assist, P-Travel Assist will not in any way sell or share this information with any third party. The information provided will be kept confidential and will be treated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

You will only receive marketing materials from P-Travel Assist if you have provided your explicit consent. In the event that you feel the need to withdraw this consent, you will be provided with an automatic way to unsubscribe from this communication or all marketing emails sent by P-Travel Assist. Please follow the instructions in the email you receive.

Data exchange

We may share Personal Information among our holding companies to respond to your enquiries or as otherwise necessary for the purposes described above. Also, in limited circumstances, we may share Personal Information with government authorities or others as necessary to protect the interests of the firm or others, as necessary in connection with the sale or transfer of all or part of a business, or as required by applicable law or court order. Your consent will be requested when you establish a business relationship.

Access and Remediation

If you wish to access or update the Personal Information you have provided through the P-Travel Assist website, or have any questions about the processing of such information, please contact us as described below. We provide individuals with access to their Personal Information in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

P-Travel Assist reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement from time to time. Please check the Privacy Statement regularly, especially before providing additional personal information through the Website. Any changes to this Privacy Statement will be posted on the Website.