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Excursions in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the world's centres of tourism, as you can trace the history of mankind from ancient times. There are architectural monuments, museums, Christian and Muslim shrines, picturesque nature, objects for active recreation or secluded places where you can relax from the hustle and bustle. Exquisite cuisine, the opportunity to buy unusual gifts will allow you to remember your holidays in Cyprus for a long time.

Our company offers group and individual tours for people of different ages and with different interests. Experienced guides, interpreters, comfortable transport, catering, hotel booking, recommendations on choosing the most interesting places to visit will make your holiday relaxing and joyful. Travel with us!

Rental of villas and apartments

If you are going to visit Cyprus regularly or settle here, renting a villa or apartment is much more cost effective than looking for hotel accommodation every time. We can help you find residential property for people with different needs - by the sea, in a big city or in a tiny mountain village.

Our specialists will provide photos and accurate descriptions of all properties that will be offered to the client. After selecting the accommodation, they will examine the property rental agreement to avoid possible conflicts with the landlord.

It is possible to rent a property both short-term (for example, for a week) and long-term (several months or even years).

Contact us and we will solve your accommodation in Cyprus!

Yacht charter

A yacht holiday is an opportunity to relax in a closed circle away from prying eyes. Magnificent views, the opportunity to visit several points on the island, swimming in the open sea or fishing, romance and union with nature - what could be better?

We can help you choose the right configuration for your passengers - from a boat for a romantic voyage for a couple to a yacht for an anniversary celebration with hundreds of guests. Vessels can be offered with or without crew, and if there is a need for a Russian-speaking captain, we have no problem finding one.

It is possible to rent a vessel for a period from 1 day.

VIP transfers

Most guests arrive in Cyprus by air. The best solution for travelling to and from the airport is the VIP transfer service.

Clients will be met by a driver with a sign. We offer escort by Russian-speaking employees who will help you in case of any difficulties, tell you how to pass customs control without any problems, inform you about options for visiting places of interest, and assist you in settling into the hotel.

VIP transfer is an opportunity to quickly orientate in an unfamiliar area upon arrival and adjust the departure from the hotel so that you do not have to waste time waiting for your flight at the airport.

Relax and trust us with the organisational matters!

Company registration

Cyprus is loyal to foreign businesses, but you need to do business officially and in compliance with local laws. We can help:

  • To collect and translate into Greek the package of documents for registration;
  • Rent a property for office or production needs;
  • Open the necessary bank accounts;
  • Become registered with all social funds as an employer.

Our experienced staff will advise you on the peculiarities of doing business on the island. Co-operation with us is an opportunity to easily and promptly carry out the whole complex of measures for business registration in Cyprus and start making money in one of the most picturesque corners of the Earth!

Relocation of business to Cyprus

Business in Cyprus is an attractive prospect for many entrepreneurs and large companies. The advantages of this country are, first of all, the low tax rate and the simplicity of legislation, thanks to which businessmen will not have any difficulties.

Bonuses that will make the move desirable for all employees that the company will need to relocate are:

  • mild climate;
  • affordable cost of living;
  • The presence of a large Russian-speaking diaspora, which has its own schools, media and service institutions.

And with our help, your move will be as comfortable as possible!

We're organising:

  • Free legal advice on the specifics of relocation to Cyprus;
  • Search for property - housing, office, manufacturing or warehouse space;
  • Translation services, in particular translation and authorisation of any documents;
  • Legal support of the procedure of business registration in Cyprus;
  • Servicing the needs of the company - employee contracts, tax assistance, etc.

Legal services

Our company offers a full cycle of legal support for business:

  • Registration of companies or business activities;
  • Business Liquidation;
  • Drawing up contracts (lease, sale and purchase, labour and other);
  • Resolving a variety of disputes and representing clients in courts;
  • Assistance in calculating and paying taxes;
  • Advice on the peculiarities of doing business in Cyprus.

We will help you avoid violations and conflicts due to ignorance of the law or defend your interests if a conflict has taken place! Contact us!

Organising weddings in Cyprus

Our company offers assistance in formalising a marriage or organising a wedding celebration in Cyprus.

The list of services includes:

  • Legal advice regarding the documentary preparations for the marriage ceremony;
  • Assistance in selecting a location for the ceremony;
  • Organising a wedding banquet, honeymoon wedding trip;
  • Selection of bouquets;
  • Solving the transport issue - we will find both a luxury car and a stylish carriage;
  • Finding a stylist, hairdresser, make-up artist;
  • Photography and videography.

Delegate all pre-wedding troubles to our specialists - and enjoy the romance! A wedding in the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, will be your happiest day!

Organising a birthday party

A holiday in Cyprus will be an interesting and unusual event thanks to the services of our company. You can order a celebration in the best restaurants, in the mountains, by the sea, in any amusement park. We will solve the issues with cuisine, animators, hosts, musicians, transportation of guests, surprises for the birthday boy and girl.

We will offer several holiday options or bring your cherished dream to life. Contact us!

Interpreter services

Highly qualified interpreters will help translate both oral speech and documentation into Greek, English and other languages and vice versa. The staff includes specialists who are well versed in certain specific fields - law, medicine, construction, tourism and so on. This will simplify co-operation.

We can help you quickly certify documents to authenticate the translation.

Reasonable rates, work on a schedule convenient for the client, high quality services.